Artist's Statement
My goals as an artist are to always be in the moment, to take the viewer to new places and to never stop learning.

Barry Woolery
Side Bar: My Dad was in a bad car wreck that took away the use of his right hand. He had been a right handed artist and he had to learn to draw with his left hand and he was every bit as good or even better. His pen and ink wildlife washes are beautiful. He told me many times to not ever quit my art. For over 20 years I climbed around on joists and rafters as a carpenter and my artistic aspirations never went away. If we were rained out on a job I would try to paint a one day masterpiece. Didn't happen but what great energy came through while I tried. Gerald Woolery
Side Mas: I don't paint athletes or celebrities as idols. There is a story to be told though.
Side of Fries: I am so thankful for all my blessings. Family and friends have been amazing influences in my life.
Side Crunch: I have played fastpitch softball with and against some of the best players in the game. Hall of Famers Hice Stiles and Greg Sepulveda have been my teammates and I am looking forward to close friend and All-World outfielder Alan Rohrback joining them in the hall.


  • 1952 Born to Louise and Gerald Woolery verrry hazy.
  • '55 still blurry but I remember a teach your parakeet to talk record.
  • '57 Finger painting and my dad taught me to draw.
  • '59 Discovered Mad magazine.
  • '61 My brother Glenn and I ask Mom to look for Roger Maris on the back of cereals when she went shopping. She became a Roger fan for evermore. Faves for me were Ron Santo, Don Norton, Del Shofner, Mickey and Rog and Ann-Margret. Met Fred Ventura and he became a lifelong brother. Chargers came to San Diego and they lost to the Patriots 41-0 around Christmas; I was morose. Red flag? The Chargers won the Western Division and my Dad took Glenn and I to the championship game at Balboa Stadium. We froze on the concrete seats and lost 10-3 to George Blanda's Oilers. Street baseball and front yard football had begun as well.
  • '62 Oak Park Little League.
  • '63 Won a 45 record of Puff the Magic Dragon at a drawing contest at the US Grant Hotel. Chargers won AFL championship 51-10 over the Patriots.
  • '64 My sister Kathi made greatest tackle in neighborhood history.  Met Daryl Guthridge in junior high and he taught me how to not get rattled by bullies.
  • '65 Got cut by El Cajon Pop Warner so I played at Grossmont. Scored a touchdown in a tense 75-14 loss to El Cajon.  Met Steve Hughey and he is still making me laugh. I met Bob Moors and played Pop Warner football against him and high school football with him. He was a joisting partner for many years.
  • '66 Hit a double off Randy Zinter in front of Janice Mastriana. Played on freshman football team and found out about the bench. Won an eight kid wrestle-off as a freshman at 106 at El Cajon Valley High School for the privilege of being pummeled regularly on the J.V. Art class taught by the coolest lady in school, Mia Gibson.  Met Jim Vidano and shared a love of music and sports and I miss him every day.
  • '67 Summer of love. Somewhere anyway. More bench in football and more pummel in wrestling. Let's not even talk about baseball. I met Steve Wood through wrestling. He won San Diego C.I.F. titles in his junior and senior years. We were carpentry partners and he was a champ at that too. Years later he bought 14 paintings from me.
  • '68 Voted Most Improved on J.V. football. Told Mom that I would draw the MVP of the World Series for her. Series hadn't started yet and I drew Mickey Lolich. She was mad at me for not drawing Roger. First time to hear Quicksilver Messenger Service.
  • '69 Padres become major league. Ron Santo and my Cubbies get hearts broke by the Amazin's. I was on special teams and backup backup halfback on varsity.
  • '70 Wrestling team took third in CIF. Life changes forever as I start going out with Chris, who was the head cheerleader. Astral Weeks. Took Mrs. Gibson's art class again and got to help with other students.
  • '71 Wrestled at Grossmont J.C. and missed a league match to get married to Chris. Became a gas station attendant working for father-in-law Scotty. Son Silas is born.
  • '72 Scotty recruited me to coach little league and taught me volumes. Drafted in the army in the final draft. Met art whiz John McDonald and we spent free time drawing in the barracks. I got discharged with high cholesterol after basic training. Went to work as a carpenter for Jack Files Construction.
  • '73 Played my first game of men's fastpitch. First at bat I went down looking at a Wally Pietla curveball. Daughter Meritt is born. Joined San Diego Art Institute.
  • '77 Scotty manages El Cajon Western Little League All-Star team to Williamsport, PA and the National Championship with a 16-0 record before falling to Taiwan 7-2 for the world title. Kenny Ruiz, Rob Roberson, Ted Gimble, Gary Bridges, Norm and Eric Embleton and I were the coaches. Our players were so tough and clutch. John Osborne, Brett Ward, Andy Hall, Blair Ward, Devon Lunsford, Brian Dean, Mark Kruzel, Eddie Murphy, Bobby Conway, Rich Davies, John Ricondo, Steve Lunt, Jeff Archambault and John Moreno who became my teammate years later in men's fastpitch. The whole experience was once in a lifetime thrilling and that includes all the tourneys that led up to the final.
  • '78 Wife Chris and friend Julie slug women's softball team to Spring Valley title.
  • '80 Won State Title in ASA "A" men's fastpitch. Took 5th in ASA "A" Nationals with El Cajon Rangers in Oswego, NY...19 people in two motorhomes. A little salt in the air.
  • '82 While shopping at Blue Meanie Records, I was reacquainted with an old high school friend named Randy Reth, an artist who has opened doors to perceptions of art beyond my familiarity.
  • '84 Son Silas got game winning hit in title game at Western Little League. Got to see Padres at Jack Murphy Stadium in the World Series. Was MVP of an ASA "B" tournament in Vista, CA for Barnicle Oil Oilers.
  • '85 First of five titles in a row in Pacific Beach League for El Cajon Scottys men's fastpitch team. Daughter Meritt made All-Star team for Golden Donuts in Bobby-Sox.
  • '86 Became player/manager of El Cajon Scottys.
  • '89 Son Silas made Honorable Mention in Grossmont League Volleyball helping his team to the title of a prestigious tourney at Valhalla High School. We took third in state open International Softball Congress tourney with El Cajon Scottys. Invited by tourney champ Vista Rangers to play with them in I.S.C. World Tournament in Kimberly, WI. Road trip with Jeff Simpson and Dennis Newman.
  • '90 Started Bwoolsart business. Part Blue Healer Harriet comes into our lives.
  • '91 Son Silas went on a mission to San Antonio, TX. Playing for El Cajon Rangers and I did paintings of the whole team. We won the Western Softball Congress and went to World tourney in Sioux City, IA. Road trip with Jeff Simpson and Dennis Newman again. Finished 2-2 and 23rd of 48 teams. Painted a series of athletes that became Cardboard Dreams sports cards. Coached at El Cajon Pony League that turned out all-stars Marcus Giles, Alan Leuthard and Dusty Engel among others.
  • '93 Coached future San Diego Padres pitcher … Kevin Correia at El Cajon Western Little League. Met madcap ballplayer Mike Newby. That's good. Oh no that's bad. Well how … come? Well I hit the ground kasplooshy…
  • '94 Chargers made it to the Super Bowl.
  • '96 Daughter Meritt and friend Lianna got mini-season tix for Padres and enjoy Steve Finley and Caminiti as the Padres win the N.L. West. Was honorable mention in Beckett baseball card magazine's annual art contest with a painting of Honus Wagner.
  • '97 Caught 6 games in a weekend twice for the San Diego Zoo. One game was a no-hitter by Dave Forbis and right after that a 1-0 one hour and five minute gem by Jim Flanagan.. My second cousin Jason Iuli was our third pitcher and he finished 2nd in the league in strikeouts. Manager was Chris Hamill who I had coached at EC Western Little League when he was nine years old.
  • 1998 Champs So Cal Eagles
  • '98 Managed, played center field made first team All-American and was named MVP of the ASA 45 and over with 38 teams in Rockford, IL as we won the national championship with the Southern California Eagles. Brother Glenn got the game winning hit in the final game. We won seven games in a row on Saturday and Sunday and ended up 10-1. Cary Weiler, Stump Stilwell and Bob Vanderberg were the aces. Shortstop Dick Campbell made defensive play of the tournament diving up the middle to snare a line drive that would have eliminated us. Made 2nd team all-american in Midland Michigan w/ the Lakewood Jets in ASA 40+. Coached w/ longtime friend Steve Hughey at Santana National Little League and we won the cap division title with Tanner Hughey and Aaron Gagnon leading the slugging.
  • '99 Repeated as national champs w/ the SC Eagles ASA 45+ in Phoenix, AZ. Made 2nd team all-american in Minot, ND with Lakewood Jets in 40+
  • Paul Hornung
  • '00 Was given a chunk of space at the Sports Card Convention in Anaheim by friend Joe Juhasz and sold some paintings, met Paul Hornung, Bill Walton, Graig Nettles, Roman Gabriel, Carmen Basilio and Warren Spahn. I had done 30 pen and ink drawings and about 10 paintings of the athletes that were there. The coolest person there though was Grossmont JC baseball coach Ed Olsen . .
  • '01 Link Wray tears up the Casbah.
  • '03 Daughter Meritt marries Todd. Met Roger and Katherine Zacharias from Evo Digital at Artwalk and they have been doing my giclees since.
  • '06 Son Silas marries Amy. Meritt has Olivea, my first grandchild. She is named after Charger Shane Olivea.
  • '07 Played for Deadwood in Carson City, NV to bring my fastpitch career to 35 yrs.
  • '08 First grandson, Drew, is born. Danny Zupp turns my hand to ground beef as I caught him in Carson City on his way to All- World Team. The Farmers continue to rock our world.
  • '09 Painted transformer boxes in Little Italy. Had a six way bypass after a heart attack in April. Dr. Buehler and nurses saved my life. Silas, Todd and Kathi ran my booth at Artwalk while I recuperated. Regular trips to beach throughout the summer and was body surfing by August. Played in fastpitch game vs. San Diego State women’s team in November.
  • '10 Signed on for my eighth year of San Diego's Artwalk on April 26 & 27 in Little Italy. Playing Cars on the hardwood floor with Drew. Collette and Reagan are born. Playgrounds, Slurpees and The Last Unicorn with Olivea and Chris.
    We lost my brother Glenn to a vicious illness. Amazing friends Chuck Adams, Kenny Newberry and Jerry Raney played beautiful music at his memorial service.
  • '11 Grandson Spencer is born. Kevin Correia makes the National League all-star team for the Pirates.
  • '12 My dad passes away. We also lost road buddy and teammate Dennis Newman.
  • '13 I played baseball in the Silver Strand 55+ baseball league. We won the spring league with Mike Mallow’s Misfits and had one of rock ‘n’ roll’s unknown legends, Hugh Gaskins playing left field. Chris and I had our first white Christmas in Lehi with our son Silas and his family.
  • '14 Granddaughter Chloe is born. It was a summer and fall of beautiful beach days enjoyed with our family and friends. The regulars were Meritt, Todd, Olivea, Collette, Spencer, Lianna Jones, Jack, Leann and Lyn Files, Fred, Eddie and Erica Nicolet, Daryl Guthridge, Fred’s friend Ralph and many guest stars throughout the months including Silas, Amy, Drew, Reagan and Chloe and even Meritt’s pup Lilliana made it to our spot at Santa Clara at Mission Beach.

Side counter: In my bio, I have brought up many highlights that have happened in my life. To put a little more perspective on things I must add:

Warren Spahn
  1. The 1995 ASA National 40+ in Bloomington, MN where I struck out three times vs. the NorCal Merchants and Peter Brown. The last one was with the winning runs on and two outs in the last inning.
  2. I met Warren Spahn and asked him to sign a pen and ink drawing. He asked, "You do this?" I said "yes". He said " It's horseshit". I leaned over the table and asked, "It's horseshit?" He signed it and handed it to me and said "It's yours". I was stunned because I thought I had done a great job on the drawing. I got back to my booth and realized what a fantastic encounter the whole thing was. There was no sugar-coated response from him and he told me what I needed to hear.

These two examples are as close to the heart of my work as any of the triumphs.